About the Filmmakers

Tintin Wulia   [bio]
    writer/concept, director, camera, editor, composer.
Ariel Valent   [bio]
    concept developer, producer, interviewer, editor, composer.

Gillian Hamilton, Ray Davy, S. McDonald, Uliana Gorodilova, John Kennedy, Sonia Calvanesi, Claude Millin, Stephen Lynch, Chris Balestra, Michael Sykes, P. E. Livingston, Michael Crago, Neil Greasby, Lei Zheng, Feng Gao, T. V. Castles, Rowan Findlay, Janine Hellard, and John Arthur.

Idea incubators:
Wolf Kerschek for compositional structure, Rob Wellington (Tantamount Productions) for story development and technical support, Scott Alexander for AE consultancy, Zeno Wulia ( for AE tips, Satrio Budiono ( for mixing and mastering tips, Mike Flattley for interview brainstorm, and Andrew Linggar for initial design brainstorm.

Equipment and facilities:
Pippa Morris for camera and mic, Rob Wellington and Phillip Dean (Tantamount Productions) for editing suite, Theresia Wulianadi for transport, and Armand Setiawan with Yos Wulianadi for additional editing hardware and extra HD.

Daily needs:
Amy and Marita of Club Merrion for bed and breakfast, Tante Wawa for bed, breakfast, take-away lunch and early-morning dinner, and heaps of understanding, Rob and Phil for St Kilda camping ground, and Wolf for socio-professional support.

Thanks to our parents Tulus and Cecil, Paul and Julie -- and our brothers/sisters, Edo and Zeno, Dani and Amy -- for their ongoing support.


About the Filmmakers

Tintin Wulia

Born in Denpasar, Indonesia, Tintin Wulia is a qualified architect, film composer, and music teacher. However, having been introduced to filmmaking through her digital media employment in 1996, she prefers to dedicate her talents to the art of experimental filmmaking.

In 2000, her short film Violence Against Fruits (2000) won the Kuldesak Award for Best Conceptual Film at the Indonesian Festival of Independent Film and Video. Her evocative travel documentary, Are You Close Enough (2000) was the Editors' Pick on's Launching Competition in 2000. Both films were recently screened on SBS TV's Eatcarpet (2001 and 2002) after being part of Germany's Oberhausen Film Market 2001.

She has composed, sound-designed, and performed for music/experimental performances, mostly in Indonesia. Her scoring credits include the feature Jakarta Project (2001, dir. Indra Ramadhan), the Canadian short The Long Road Home (2001), and various television projects. Warner Music Indonesia released her soundtrack album for the feature Jakarta Project in 2001.

In 2002, she has teamed up with Melbourne percussionist/filmmaker Ariel Valent to produce Slambangricketychuck and other short films, including Superheroes in Marketing (2002, col. Alexander/Valent/Wulia/Vickery).


Ariel Valent

Ariel Valent is a Melbourne-based filmmaker, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. His most recent film endeavour was the comedy Superheroes in Marketing (2002, col. Alexander/Valent/Wulia/Vickery), which was nominated for 4 awards in the 15/15 Film Festival 2002.

He has composed and performed extensively for theatre and film, including soundtrack credits for the short film A Brief Exchange (2001, dir. Dailan Evans), the TV pilot Eagle and Evans (2000, dir. Craig Eagle & Dailan Evans), the stage show In Denial (2000, Jo Stanley and Jode J Hill), Song For a Siren (awarded Best Cabaret, 1998 Melbourne Fringe) and the cult short film Deep Shit (1995, dir. Morgan Evans). He plays vibraphone, piano, piano accordion and percussion, and has played with funk band Hot Pudding, African music acts Adzohu, the World Rhythm Ensemble and Valanga Khoza, and the drum and dance company Colours of Pulse.

His current live project is Invention in Time, a percussion duo featuring marimba and vibraphone, which specialises in creating intricate soundscape compositions that encapsulate the listener. In 2001, the duo toured six countried in Europe. In Melbourne, they are favourites at the Boite World Music Cafe.